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JoeI’ve seen Dennis’s palmreading get right to the heart of important issues in a stranger’s life. It’s uncanny. – Joe Cummings, Lonely Planet author


jennifer_thumb.jpgI left Dennis feeling illuminated, inspired, comforted and—for the first time in ages—able to act on the information I’d received in a reading. – Jennifer Gampell,


destinationthailandIf you are looking for the right path to follow in your life, look no further and give Dennis a call.

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maggieWhat a pleasure to receive a hand reading from Dennis. He was spot on. I was very moved in how his story telling was direct yet loving. He is very good at this. – Maggie


Our palm reading went sat-and-andreagreat. Really awesome and my girlfriend and I were both in awe of the accurateness of the reading. We really enjoyed Dennis’ nature and energy. He really made the reading enjoyable and he was easy to trust because he seemed to genuinely love doing what he was doing. Thanks! Sat and Andrea

libbyMy session with Dennis was comfortable and informative. He brought to light many truths about myself as well as things I had yet to recognize. I enjoyed how Dennis provided applicable metaphors and humor to his descriptions. I left feeling contemplative; in a muse about myself, my environment, and my plans for the future. – Libby

anniI thought the session was great. Thanks Dennis!  I found Dennis to be very amicable. He was enthusiastic and on point. His words gave me confirmation to move towards goals that I’ve lacked courage for. I left his session feeling grounded and motivated. – Anni

harrietI had the pleasure of sitting next to Dennis is the amazing Bali ‘Kafe’ recently…he read my palm with much professionalism and accuracy, which helped me understand aspects of my personality more clearly. I have always been quite cynical about such services, but really enjoyed chatting with Dennis, and learning more about the art of palm reading. Thank you! – Harriet

nickeyI had seen Dennis in and around Chiang Mai for several years, a few times giving a reading. He had even seen me do a show once in the past. A couple of coyotes, observing their surroundings… I highly recommend meeting Mr. Dennis. Word of advice, bring a voice recorder. Magically… – Nickey

ivanI found the reading remarkably apt to my life and situation, it is always good to have acknowledgments to make affirmations in ones life, I would recommend Dennis to anybody, he was a pleasure to be with, and easy to communicate with. – Ivan

elenaI really enjoyed the experience with Dennis, maybe it helped that he said nothing negative, but I have to say that he really touched the right points. – Elena

trudyDennis provides an interesting look into oneself most of which felt pretty right on. His observations do not include a look at the future but more at how your prevailing character attributes are influencing what you do or do not do. I suggest clients should bring a recording devise to review the reading later. – Trudy

andreiaDoing the hands-reading with Dennis was a great experience, he is not a fortune teller and I think it is good so but he will be able to look into you, and help you find out your weaknesses and strengths and what to work on, I would do it again and highly recommend to try! – Andreia

joelWhat does the future look like? A question that may be interesting for so many people out there… Can actually someone tell your future?? With this skeptical question in my mind I entered a little café in Chiang Mai, Thamel Coffee, where I was supposed to meet Dennis… Who is this guy who thinks he is able to show me my future?

It was an amazing experience for me, and after I went out, I felt different. Dennis has not only convinced me as a professional hand reader, he has convinced me as a person as well.

So what did this guy do? Concluded all in all, Dennis showed me, lets say a symbolical mirror, a photograph of myself and my potential by reading my hands. He explained me everything, why he see’s that, and what will happen if I go on this or that way.

At the end I could ask him three questions, and of course one of them was the question mentioned above.

I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul. It is my choice, if I look left or right before I cross the street and therefore whether I get crashed by a car or not. It depends on my decision, my behavior, my attitude…

Considering this fact, my personal answer is yes, there are few persons who can tell you things about yourself, showing your potential, or danger ahead, or even tell you your future if you go on in the way you’re going… I know, Dennis is one of them.

I am truly grateful for that experience, because the this experience added enormous value to my life and my decision I’ll take in the future.

Thank you Dennis and all the people who made that possible! – Joel

He was so accurate that it gave me the shivers.

tinaI loved his animated character and he made me laugh – something I cherish a lot in a person. Whether you are a sceptic or a believer, I definitely think it is worth your while to try a session with Dennis. – Tina,


It truly was a disconcerting half an hour listening to this man deliver a monologue that could have been a mystic’s ‘This is your Life’. James Austin Farrell, Chiang Mai Citylife magazine.


teatskeSo there I was, on (of course another) beautiful day in Chiang Mai sitting in a garden across a complete stranger. Yet this stranger held my hands like we were close friends. He touched and observed my hands and, not knowing me at all, for the next two hours, he told me everything about me, my childhood, my life experiences, my shortcomings, my talents. Dennis, my compliments, well done. It was an amazing experience.Teatske

indianaI found the palmreading by Dennis sincere and engaging, his insights were very accurate and delivered in a heartfelt manner. I would recommend people to Dennis in the future. His words were similar to discovering a treasure trove, with the finding of many lost jewels. – Indiana

angelaVery insightful reading. Dennis helped me find another piece of the puzzle. If you’re living in or visiting Chiang Mai, Dennis is the man to see. – Angela

marcusI didn´t expect to get such a detailed analysis of myself. Dennis seemed to know exactly how I act and why, what gives me energy and what holds me back. Many things that he told me I knew before, but he also provided suggestions how to deal with various aspects of life. Apart from the information which I got, it was a real pleasure to see with which passion he gave the reading – a 90 minutes monologue. I was allowed to ask three questions at the end, but frankly there was not much left to ask. Thanks again! – Markus

nicoleWow I didn’t quite expect such an insightful reading. I have gone away with much food for thought with my direction in life. – Nicole

gail-and-dennisWe both got a lot out of our reading. Dennis has never had anything like that done before and was quite amazed about how much Dennis could tell about him and his lifestyle without giving him any information. He was very accurate in almost everything he said and got Dennis’ personality traits almost spot on.

I was also impressed as he went back to my childhood and brought up some generalised feelings and thoughts that I hadn’t considered were impacting on my current lifestyle. It was very emotional for me but at the end of the reading I felt like Dennis & I could walk away and use the information we were given to encourage each other and to improve our relationship. – Gail (and Dennis)

I really appreciate this being. Dennis, you are one in a million. – Carla

angieI have been to psychics, tarot card readers and other palmistry readers and I have to say I am most impressed by Dennis because he was able to hone in on personal things in my life very quickly and accurately. He also could tell I was curious so as he read my hand he showed me what he was looking for and asked if he could circle important things he read on my hand which was so cool. Moreover Dennis is a distinct soul that I had the pleasure of getting to know. He felt like an old friend I was reconnecting with. He also gave me tips on things to watch out for in palmistry readers to tell if they are the real deal or not which made me feel grateful and also reconfirmed my belief in him that he is authentic. Thanks Dennis! – Angie

eugenieMy experience with Dennis was really surprising. To tell the complete truth, I was not very convinced by my friends who told me about his gifts and capacity to be an hand-reader before I met him. I went to see Dennis to have an “experience”. Finally, it was amazing, he told me things he couldn’t have guessed before! I was really surprised. If you want to see him, you need to be aware that Dennis doesn’t talk about the future. So what does it talk about would you say? I guess my best answer would be: he talks to you about how your past affects who you are today. Now, let’s see in the future if his recommendations and advices help me. – Eugenie

sophieDennis is really amazing. I went to see a medium 2 years ago, and Dennis gave me mainly the same information as him with more details. The incredible thing is he starts reading the back of your hands first. This man is worth to be known. He gives a lot of his time, it doesn’t count it when he does the reading. He is really involved in it. Great experience! – Sophie

carolineDennis is an absolute gem of a human being and his incredible talent for palm reading should be legendary on a global scale! Despite his gift, Dennis emanates a warmth and humility that immediately put me at ease. My reading was both illuminating and thought-provoking and at times it seemed as though he was reading from a book that detailed my whole life story but what made my reading with Dennis so special is the way he translated my story so that I could understand how to move forward in practical ways. I left my reading feeling equipped with a new understanding of both my strengths and also what has been limiting my potential in life, as well as what I need to do to overcome those limits. I would wholeheartedly recommend a reading from Dennis to anyone who wants to understand themselves better and to learn how to get the most out of their life. – Caroline Leon

helenWe live in a time where we should share our knowledge and learn from each other; it is a big multiplication factor for all of us. Dennis is an exeptional man. It is a mix of knowledge, wisdom and he is connected with the light grid net which contains the whole knowledge of our planet. He has a long journey behind himself and he makes the reading with love in his heart. I felt immediately a very deep connection and understanding for him. I could sit with him for an hour and drink coffee without speaking one word and I would learn from his open spirit. I am very thankful for that meeting. – Helen

His patter is charming and illuminating. And seeing oneself reflected in someone else’s eyes – especially a person so practiced in the human psyche – means you walk away with more than you started.
– Nicky Sullivan, Phnom Penh Post